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Elasticity in the Hybrid Cloud Inspires Innovation
Larry Smith|Monday, December 08, 2014
Enterprise Application Specialist

SWAG has a Zero ROI
IT veterans understand that each new project proposal contains a certain amount of good-faith estimates. ROI formulas are often adjusted to account for the variability of soft benefits, user adoption rates, and other unknown assumptions. These safely conservative projections then become the basis for the project’s hardware platform. This tried and true method has been a staple of IT methodology for decades. Unfortunately it comes at a very high price. Enormous capital dollars are expended to cover the pitfalls that live within the quadrant of "we don't know what we don't know."

Elasticity is a basic tenet of the cloud revolution and is poised to transform decades of IT tradition. Elasticity is a feature of cloud computing where resources are paid for as they are consumed. When you’re done using the resource you can simply turn it off and the recurring costs go away. There is no longer a massive upfront investment in hardware. This financial flexibility is highly touted and coveted by business stakeholders.

A business will use elasticity to automatically grow or shrink its hardware costs as demand for resources fluctuates. This becomes particularly meaningful for applications that are subjected to seasonal or periodic demand swings. With conventional architecture a platform has to be sized to meet the peak demand. This can leave a lot of expensive resources idle when the peak period passes. To make matters worse the entire cost of this platform must be paid for in advance. The price is high and the commitment is irrevocable. It’s like building your own generator to produce electricity. There is a big upfront investment and you have to maintain it forever. With a cloud platform you just plug into the grid, use what you need, and pay as you go. The elasticity foregoes the long-term commitment and with it a lot of the risk.

Enterprises Prefer the Hybrids
The hybrid cloud model is garnering a lot of attention in the enterprise space. Using a mix of public cloudspace for elasticity and private cloudspace for security and performance is a perfect combination. System architects can deploy new applications in the public cloud first where resources can be dialed up or down on demand. After a comfortable break-in period the needed resource requirements are confirmed with actual empirical evidence. Armed with this information, the server admins and storage architects can size a platform for a perfect fit effectively removing the cost of SWAG.

Empowering Innovation
Removing the impediment of irrevocable hardware costs encourages inspiration and allows innovation to thrive. Business stakeholders can easily tap into hardware resources to explore new possibilities that would otherwise remain sequestered indefinitely. Governed by conventional rules every seed planted must bear fruit. In the cloud era, only some of the seeds have to grow. While some efforts may flounder, others are free to become monster hits.

Encouraging innovation. Elasticity allows more trial efforts.

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