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Multi-tiered Applications - Supporting High Fan-In Ratios with QLE-3400
Larry Smith|Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Enterprise Application Specialist

Multi-tiered architecture is the most common framework used for modern enterprise applications. A core database structure supports an array of application servers. Those application servers support a diversity of end user clients with access from a variety of dispersed locations.

The large number of connections from the Presentation Tier create a problematic fan-in ratio at the Logic Tier. Multiple application servers in the Logic Tier condense that traffic even further producing enormous bandwidth pressure at the Data Tier. QLogic 10Gb Intelligent Ethernet Adapters provide the capacity and performance needed to sustain a consistent and reliable end user experience even within the most demanding multi-tiered environments.

Have you ever heard someone complain, "This system is impossibly slow today!" When they are asked, "What applications do you have open?" The reply, "Well, everything. I have a lot of work to do. I can't afford to be slowed down by this computer." The expectation of the modern worker is that they will have access to everything from everywhere. To meet that expectation multi-tier application architecture must be designed to reflect three new business requirements.

First, today's applications provide data to a much larger audience. There once was a time when access to a business app was restricted to employees only. As the global technology IQ rises an expectation has emerged that your business will make far more information available to customers, suppliers, and other stake holders. This makes for a lot more users to support and as their level of sophistication increases so will their appetite for data driven applications.

Second, the sheer volume of data these users are tapping into is growing at an astounding rate. The worldwide volume of data is expected to grow by 50% each month. At that rate, a terabyte of data today will grow to 130 TB in a year and to 11,000 TB in just two years.

Third, users expect access to all these applications from any location and at any time of day or night. The perfect storm of more users accessing more information from more end points puts enormous pressure on the backbone of the multi-tiered infrastructure.

When thousands of users request information from dozens of applications, a single corridor to the Data Tier will be asked to respond. The QLogic 3400 Intelligent Ethernet Adapter delivers full 10Gbe line-rate performance across dual ports to move this mountain of data. In addition, consolidating multiple lower speed ports conserves valuable PCIe slots, and reduces ongoing OPEX costs through lower power and cooling requirements.

If the workload is intense, the 3400 Series Adapter is the adapter of choice for reliable and stable performance.

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