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QLogic Control – Manage Your Infrastructure Your Way
Steve Garceau|Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Technical Marketing Manager

Don't we all like to be in control? I know I do and would probably fail some TV show quiz "are you a control freak?" If you like to be in control as well, at least while managing your data center, then you are going to really appreciate QLogic's ConvergeConsole, or "QCC" for short.

IT organizations are faced with growing challenges in the management of the data center. Most notably are server sprawl, increased virtualization, security and, of course, the RAS bundle: reliability, availability and serviceability. Implementing unified management across the data center is a proven tool in the IT arsenal to address these concerns. This approach not only improves efficiency, but also reduces costs. A crucial step when selecting a unified management solution is knowing what features are most important. At a base level, you want a solution that is easy to deploy, offers intelligent and automated operations management and features a single-pane-of-glass interface design.

QLogic continues to pioneer new, more powerful storage networking infrastructure management capabilities, offering a robust set of management tools to help organizations simplify management. Available for a wide range of operating systems and server platforms, QCC is capable of managing all types and generations of QLogic adapters. Greater flexibility doesn't mean greater complexity. Whether you are managing Fibre Channel, 10GbE NIC, multi-protocol CNAs or any combination of adapters, QLogic delivers the same universal driver stack and management experience. Whichever you prefer, the browser-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) or the lightweight and text-based Command Line Interface (CLI), QCC maintains ease of use even as the complexity of your infrastructure grows.

Then again, aren't there times where you want to give up control and let someone else take the wheel? The QCC GUI limits errors by integrating best practices into a wizard-driven approach to streamline the most common management functions relating to QLogic adapters. Intuitive wizards provide IT administrators with an extensive set of features that enable them to perform key administrative tasks, which could normally take hours to be completed, in less than a few minutes.

QLogic has specifically designed a QCC plug-in for VMware vCenter to enable administrators to have a real-time view of the storage and LAN network infrastructure from the physical adapter all the way to individual virtual machines. This provides a centralized platform view of current resource allocations and a mapping for storage and networking in much the same way that vCenter does for CPU and memory resources in vSphere environments. These capabilities enable administrators to streamline the process of matching per-VM Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements to bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS) resource assignments.

QLogic gives you the control to manage your infrastructure your way by offering a robust management solution that helps organizations simplify management and improve efficiency while reducing costs. The QLogic QConvergeConsole and QCC plug-in for VMware vCenter enable IT departments to standardize on one tool for management of all data, storage and converged QLogic infrastructure. Now that’s being in control!

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