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Cisco and QLogic Deliver the Ultimate Combination Using 16Gb Fibre Channel Technology
Derek Nguyen|Tuesday, February 02, 2016
Strategic OEM Accounts Manager

"Always stay a step ahead of the step-aheads," a high school teacher once drilled into me. At that time I often wondered, “Who are the step-aheads, how did they get there, and how in the world could I get a step ahead of them?”


Long from high school, and now from my professional view of the Storage Area Networking (SAN) market, I‘ve pegged the step-aheads as those industrious data centers who are conquering massive amounts of storage data; those who are successfully tackling the latest trends such as cloud computing, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT). These IT groups are the rock stars of enterprise computing.


And who is staying that step ahead of these high achievers? It’s companies like QLogic and Cisco, who continue to raise the bar for storage networks with superior performance, reliability and smarter SAN management.


Today, Cisco is extending its storage networking portfolio again with a high density and more scalable, programmable fabric for SMB, enterprise and cloud computing environments, with the introduction of the industry’s highest port density director, the Cisco MDS 9718. It’s a notable announcement because it supports the high data growth of virtualized and cloud-enabled data centers and provides the operational flexibility required by today’s taxed IT teams.


The Cisco MDS 9718, with 768 line rate 16Gb Fiber Channel ports that enable consolidation, is ideal for mid-to-large storage network deployments. The collapsed core architecture enabled by the MDS 9718 reduces the number of managed switches for easy management, and REST API programmability provides for rapid provisioning and room for future growth. 


The QLogic 2670 Series of Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel (FC) Adapters have met the requirements for the Cisco MDS line of director switches, including the new Cisco MDS 9718. Together, our companies deliver the ultimate combination using 16Gb FC technology. QLogic’s Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel solutions provide a next generation storage networking infrastructure capable of supporting the most demanding data-intensive, private cloud and flash-accelerated workloads. Together with the Cisco MDS 9718 switch, the 16Gb per second (16Gbps) performance can eliminate potential I/O bottlenecks in today’s powerful multiprocessor, multicore servers.


Additionally, with our recent announcement of QLogic StorFusion™ technology for advanced SAN fabric management available on our 2670 Series and new 2690 Series of Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapters, we can help data centers improve network resiliency even more, by enhancing diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities, simplifying SAN deployment and improving quality of service (QoS).


With our Cisco partner, we share a similar passion to set track records for performance, reliability, and flexibility. Our enterprise customers who have worked hard to be the step-aheads in storage networking require the utmost in high bandwidth, zero downtime, and smarter SAN management.  With the new MDS 9718 director switch, QLogic 16Gb FC solutions, and StorFusion technology, we’re well poised to deliver on our promises, meet their stringent requirements and continue to stay that step ahead.


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