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QLogic and Brocade: Better Together
Chris Lorenz|Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Director, Partner Marketing

What are today’s biggest pain points for IT organizations? ESG recently asked more than 600 IT professionals to identify their most important considerations in justifying IT investments. At the top of the list were return on investment, business process improvement and reducing operational expenditures. (See the ESG Lab Validation Report.)


This tells me that the current state of affairs, or status quo, of enterprise computing, is getting a little uncomfortable: monster VMs are screaming for higher performance; mission-critical apps are sputtering from slow provisioning; and the storage area network (SAN) infrastructure is so complex that a capability such as orchestration is no longer a luxury, but an absolute urgency.


Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the status quo?


I think we’ve nailed it, folks. With the latest introduction of QLogic Enhanced Gen 5 (16Gb) Fibre Channel (FC) Adapters and the QLogic StorFusion™ suite of advanced SAN management features, we really can change the current state of affairs in IT. We have the technology to address those biggest pain points in virtualized data centers, private cloud computing and flash-accelerated workloads.


One catalyst behind the change is the increasingly tight partnership between QLogic and Brocade. Our companies’ technology and solution portfolios are more aligned than ever. This enables a level of collaboration that would not have been possible just a few years back. QLogic and Brocade can now work together to deliver advanced solutions for the data center.


I’m excited that the result of this bold alliance now has a name—QLogic StorFusion. But it’s so much more than a name. It’s the industry’s first end-to-end Gen 5 16Gb FC technology. It leverages Brocade® Fabric Vision™ to maximize application performance and simplify administration; streamlines I/O management in virtualized data centers; provides advanced diagnostics that improves SAN visibility and reliability; and responds to customer challenges around the deployment of servers, storage, and networking.


There are a slew of new technology features and benefits wrapped up in StorFusion, so I hope you’ll investigate them a little more in-depth on our new StorFusion landing page. My colleague, Todd Owens, also provided an in-depth look at StorFusion in his recent blog; I encourage you to check it out.


As the director of partner marketing, nothing pleases me more than to offer StorFusion—the fruits of the Brocade and QLogic alliance—to our customers and channel partners. I view it as a micro collaboration that addresses your macro challenges, and the timing in our industry couldn’t be better.


Find out why I’m so optimistic about this partnership in our one hour joint webinar, “Get Smarter SAN Management from QLogic and Brocade,” on November 19 at 8:30 a.m. PST / 11:30 a.m. EST. SAN experts, Nishant Lodha (from QLogic) and Tim Lustig (from Brocade), will dive into your most pressing “how to” list for smarter SAN management. They’ll cover the highlights of StorFusion and how it will amplify your Gen 5 16Gb FC and Gen 6 (32Gb) FC infrastructure, including:

  • How do I maximize uptime and performance? Learn to  address problems before they impact operations.
  • How do I improve network resiliency, performance, and  link integrity? Learn to automatically recover from  transmission errors.
  • How do I accelerate and streamline SAN deployment?  Learn to save time when you pre-provision and validate IT  infrastructure.
  • How do I rapidly scale server virtualization without  compromising service-level agreements (SLAs)? Learn to  extend quality of service (QoS) from the fabric to the host.

Click here to register for the webinar. I look forward to seeing you there!





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