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SAP TechED, Lenovo and QLogic
Tag Robertson|Tuesday, November 03, 2015
Alliance and Solution Manager, Lenovo

SAP TechED, Lenovo and QLogic

IT leaders are looking for simple and agile IT and business solutions — along with fresh ideas. Earlier this month, at the SAP TechEd event in Las Vegas, innovative consultants Bluefin partnered with Lenovo, QLogic®, Intel, SUSE and EMC to demonstrate a high-performance, highly available solution that reduces IT expenses and increases productivity. In today’s Internet of Things (IOT) world, connecting to highly available SAP HANA enterprise data in the data center from any device anywhere is critical. This solution demonstrated how to enable new, big data capabilities with SAP HANA Vora and the integration of Hadoop-based big data environments providing solutions for new data-tiering capabilities

At the keynote (, SAP spoke about a scalable Lenovo system architecture for SAP HANA Vora at petabyte scale. In the session, SAP described how the Lenovo server solution, featuring QLogic Fibre Channel HBAs for SAP HANA TDI and dynamic tiering provides the ability to scale, while also reducing time to value. By reducing time to value, SAP HANA enables users to exploit advanced reporting and analytics to more quickly unlock insights in their business. Providing additional insight, Irene Hopf, Lenovo SAP architect and SAP Center of Competence lead, teamed with EMC to talk about the largest SAP HANA environment ever built, with more than half a petabyte of data.

The SAP TechEd event provided its customers and partners the opportunity to learn and explore how new technologies and capabilities, SAP HANA and dynamic tiering, integrate with big data. At the heart of this integration is connecting Lenovo systems with highly reliable QLogic HBAs. The Lenovo enterprise server infrastructure and innovative devices serve as the foundation to enable new capabilities. Lenovo is a leader in SAP HANA deployments with more than 4,500 SAP HANA systems shipped. For more info, please visit Lenovo and SAP.

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