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QLogic Supports Future-ready, Application-accelerated Dell Storage Fibre Channel SANs
Rebecca Gonzales|Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Worldwide OEM Marketing

QLogic Supports Future-ready, Application-accelerated Dell Storage Fibre Channel SANs

There’s a lot of excitement here at Dell World as the storage prowess expands and Dell flexes its end-to-end SAN muscles to prove its commitment to “be future-ready.” And the #befutureready hash tag is near and dear to the QLogic heart as well, as we walk alongside Dell in delivering technologies that our customers need today, as well as tomorrow.

One of the exciting announcements at Dell World is the introduction of the new Dell Storage SC9000 array controller, featuring storage-side caching, accelerated by the QLogic QSA10602 Intelligent Cache Adapter as a standard option. This is a strategic design win for QLogic, as we collaborated with Dell to provide memory caching features that are rock-solid to embrace an end-to-end high-performance Fibre Channel connectivity solution.

Stop by QLogic’s booth (5010) at Dell World and

learn more about the QSA10602 Intelligent Cache Adapter for Dell SC Series storage.

The challenge to be future-ready: with all-flash and hybrid storage performance

QLogic I/O connectivity solutions are consistent with Dell’s commitment to optimize the enterprise and be future-ready: to accelerate applications, improve bandwidth for enterprise workloads and ensure data center reliability. Today’s enterprise applications demand faster storage I/O access than ever before, because they are clustered and virtualized, and have distributed workloads across multiple points in the data center.

As an all-flash and hybrid performance powerhouse, the SC9000 addresses this challenge and scales to meet enterprise data center performance explosion requirements.

The QLogic large write cache option designed into the SC9000 further unleashes the power of the Dell Storage array by providing shared, cached data and adapter clustering, which in turn maintains cache coherence, high availability, and optimal allocation of cache resources. As an integrated hardware solution, QLogic technology combines Fibre Channel connectivity with the nonvolatile dual in-line memory module (NVDIMM).

Extreme scalability and performance: with a server-side cache solution

The SC9000 is an integrated server-side cache solution that maximizes application acceleration and can also be used as part of the Dell Fluid Cache for SAN solution with Linux. The embedded QLogic cache architecture used in the SC9000 enhances mirroring between SC9000 controllers using out-of-band management allowing increased bandwidth on front-end and back-end controller connections. This improves internal SC9000 functions, such as journaling and tagging.

By providing shared caching for multiple controllers in multi-controller environments, these features combine to increase storage controller performance while decreasing latencies for data caching internal to the Dell Storage Center operating system (SCOS).

Always-available storage: with shared, cached data and adapter clustering

As organizations run more critical workloads on their servers, IT managers are seeking more effective ways to achieve fail-safe reliability and security for non-stop business. The QLogic and Dell SC Series large write cache option addresses these needs by providing shared, cached data and adapter clustering, which in turn maintains cache coherence, high availability, and optimal allocation of cache resources.

QLogic’s improved caching architecture in Dell SCOS 6.7 increases host-side application data protection—from environments such as Oracle®, VMware®, and Microsoft®—by decreasing internal overhead.

Efficiency, flexibility, and reliability from QLogic accelerate Dell Fibre Channel SANs

The buzz you’re hearing from the QLogic booth and the storage community at Dell World is all about end-to-end connectivity. From server to storage to SAN, QLogic connects it all. When you deploy the Dell SC9000, you automatically get: QLogic in the Fibre Channel, a cache solution that helps accelerate performance and applications, and a consistent I/O path delivered end-to-end. This is a value-add for customers that have come to depend on Dell for the enterprise and have built their SAN infrastructure around Dell. End-to-end Fibre Channel connectivity improves reliability and allows Dell end users to deploy with confidence.

The new cache architecture in the SC9000, based on the QLogic QSA10602 Intelligent Cache Adapter, is built on the QLogic Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter, caching, and I/O management technology that has been hardened and proven in the enterprise. Although it comes as a standard option in the new SC9000, it has been tested and qualified in the SC8000 as well and can be ordered directly from Dell.

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